Judo classes in Des Moines - Des Moines Judo Academy

Ground-based physical fitness and self-defense

A great workout

Judo is a great workout. Gain strength, agility, speed and endurance as you learn a variety of moves.

Be prepared to protect yourself and the ones you love

Judokas learn how to become formidable opponents in many different situations. The training teaches you how to evaluate situations and respond appropriately. 

Build your mental and physical stamina

Learn how to build your mental and physical stamina by working toward mastery of Judo techniques. It involves rigorous mental and physical training.

Farrell's Martial Arts Judo Program offers you:

  • Confidence Building Challenges and Goals

  • Community

  • Self-defense

  • Expert, experienced instructors

*Judo available in the Des Moines-Beaverdale location only.


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