New Premier Martial Arts Location Q&A

What is the exact date of the move?

We are still finalizing the construction details and will announce the exact date soon. Our anticipation is on or around March 15, 2020.


What will happen to the FXB locations at Beaverdale and Waukee?

Waukee FXB is moving to a new home as well. More details will be released shortly on the exact location and dates of the move.

Beaverdale FXB will remain at the same location.

Will we still offer Judo at Beaverdale?

It is our intention to continue to offer judo at Beaverdale.

How will this move affect class times?

We are in the process of writing the schedules now and will release them as soon as they are complete. We are examining all of the class times with the intention of keeping them as consistent as possible.

Will it take longer to get to the new location?

Our new home is conveniently located next to the interstate and less than a quarter of a mile from Douglas Ave. While it may take a few more minutes to get to this location, we believe the enhancements and bringing all of the instructors and training into one location will outweigh any additional time.

Where will I park?

There is PLENTY of parking available directly in front of the building. Over 200 spots!

How many stairs does this location have?

No stairs! We want to make sure this is accessible for all students and families to train and watch.


Will my tuition increase?

We do not have plans to raise tuition at this time.

Who will teach all of the classes?

Bringing all of our instructor base together means you get to learn from a variety of instructors. Classes will continue to be taught by the instructors you know and love.

How will we handle Black Belt training?

Our black belts already train together in one location so this will make it even easier. Black Belt training for this cycle will begin at Beaverdale, but will move to the new location once it is open.

Who do I go to for what?

You can still talk with Master Miller, Master Bishop, Master Cauterucci, Amy Lewellen, Mary Daily Lange, Josh Riessen or Kathleen Riessen at any point. Once we are in our new home, then we will articulate roles to make it easier for you to know who to go to with any needs you may have.

Are all of the full-time staff staying with us?

Yes! Moving to one location allows our full-time staff to focus on their areas of specialty, which means even more opportunity for each of our students!


Who will be able to use the fitness center? Will it be open to the public? When will it be open?

The fitness center will be open to students and families. There may be a small additional fee for family members to use the fitness center. We do not have plans to open this to the public. Operating hours are still to be determined.

Our family participates in both FXB and TKD. Will I still get my family discount?

Yes. The ownership group is not changing. If you have both and FXB and TKD membership, your membership benefits will stay the same.


What is going to happen with all the space at the Beaverdale building? Is FXB moving?

We are working on optimizing the space at the Beaverdale location. We intend on keeping the FXB location there for the foreseeable future.


Why did you decide to move to Urbandale? Did you look at other locations?

We considered over 10 different properties in different areas of the metro. Ultimately, this location has the best accessibility and allows us to create a premier training center.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please connect with one of us:

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