Take a Stand. Prevent Bullying.

Kid being Bullied

Bullying is a major issue that we all deal with. You can probably name a number of tragic events that have been caused by bullying. There's a good chance that you or your child have been a victim of bullying. Whether it's on the playground, in the workplace or online, bullying hurts and has a real impact on many people.

At Farrell's Martial Arts Des Moines and Waukee we teach our students how to deal with bullying, how not to become a bully and how to take a stand for those being bullied. We believe that the mindset and confidence of the individual plays a huge role in preventing bullying and our goal is to give our students the tools they need to be a leader that doesn't condone or accept bullying of any kind.

While our focus is primarily on the mindset of our students, we also know that sometimes it become necessary to defend yourself physically. That's where we combine the physical nature of Taekwondo with the confidence and leadership aspects of training to create an incredible human that treats everyone with respect and fears no one.

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